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About the author

Hi I’m Deb

I’m Debra Hood/Tagney- a time traveller, one who is convinced that each and everyone of us have a story to tell….a wonderful story filled with love, conviction, hopes and drama.

My purpose

  • to honour those past by telling their stories
  • to enlist others to tell their stories too
  • to get in touch with as many family members as possible

I don’t know the source but I thought the sentiment pretty true.

Genealogy – ‘The art of confusing the dead and irritating the living.’

In my other life I was a Primary School teacher but in 2013 I became a retiree, relocated from the forest to the river and have loads more time for the other things I am interested in. I enjoy cycling, socialising (coffee and wine) and being a mother to adult chidren and a grandmother to my darling granddaughters- all five of them. I thoroughly enjoy soaking up my time researching family history. The bulk of my ancestors are from the UK, Australia, and a smattering from Norway. I am inspired by what motivated these bold families and individuals to take on such an amazing adventure coming thousands of miles across the sea to make totally different lives for themselves. I am keen to share their stories.

I spend a significant amount of time travelling with my wonderful husband or planning for the travels we do together. I keep a blog at Of course COVID has put a big hole in our travels for the past two years but we managed to do some get-aways ‘locally’. Really looking forward to our next sojourn.

My plan is organise the site considering families. I hope to share individual and family stories.

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